How We Are Different

Our Mission

Our mission at O’Keefe Accounting Group is to harness the information that is vital to your success in order to build value that we delivered through professional service. Together we grow.

Our Processes

O’Keefe Accounting Group (OAG) has more than 40 years of accounting experience. That, however, does not mean we are stuck in the past with old processes. We pride ourselves on being a digitally advanced firm. This can be explained under the following sections:

Paperless files & Digital Storage

We have accomplished this through the use of paperless files and digital storage. This allows us to be more efficient as well as environmentally conscious. This also means that when a client calls in to ask for information from six years ago that we have to go down to the filing room in order to begin the hunt for that document. We will have access to it in a much timelier manner.


Today’s business owners are busier than ever. As a result it is not easy for the business owners to always come to our boardroom. So if you need us to come to you we can, and we can do so with the necessary tools to answer questions.

Removal of Geographic Boundaries

As a result of being digitally advanced, we have the ability to accept clients from all geographic locations. This is accomplished through the use of remote access, or through software that allows large file transfers. This means that if you wanted to, you would never have to leave your house or office to send the information required by us to perform our job.

Client Services

At O’Keefe Accounting Group we pride ourselves at turning the work over as fast as possible. We know how frustrating it can be waiting for your work to come out of the accounting office. Our objective is to turn the work over within 20 days for year end work and within 7 days for personal returns. Our processes mentioned above are the reasons why we are able to do so.

We Don’t Screen Calls!

Whenever you call our office and ask to talk to one of our employees you will not be asked your name. This is because we answer all of our phone calls. That way if you are told that they are busy, you really know we are busy! We also strive to return all phone calls within one business day and in most cases sooner!


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